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The 'new' maid's room
New Room

In 2005, I took down the rather dilapidated room that used to lie to the left of the front door. As anyone who has visited The Observatory will know, this room has always remained locked during lets. As can be seen above, I have now, very largely, completed the rebuilding.

This is a complete rennovation of the ‘maids’ room’(so known as Dame Katherine had it built for her maid, with whom she travelled).

The rennovated building provides a new bedroom for The Observatory, as well as a store cupboard. Although there are one or two minor bits of work to be done, the room is available for use - it has a radiator, is fully insulated and adds a whole new dimension to staying at The Observatory.



Tim Dawson
Telephone: 07050 165653


Tim Dawson
Telephone: 07984 165251

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