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Birks of Aberfeldy
The Birks of Aberfeldy were immortalised by Robert Burns thus:

The braes ascend like lofty wa’s
The foaming stream deep-roaring fa’s
O’erhung wi’ fragrant spreading shaws,
The Birks of Aberfeldy.
The hoary cliffs are crown’d wi’ flowers,
White o’er the linn the burnie pours
And, rising weets wi’misty showers
The birks of Aberfeldy

They are one of three landscaped, romantic river walks in the area, the
others being the falls of Bruar, a few miles up the A9 and the Hermitage at
Dunkeld. Black Spout, in Pitlochry is the nearest walk incorporating
bridges and waterfalls.

Tim Dawson
Telephone: 07984 165251

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