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Books to enhance your stay at The Observatory

There are a wealth of guide books, maps and reference works at The Observatory covering all aspects of life in Scotland, Perthshire and Pitlochry.  You might, however, like to read up on the area before you arrive, in which case these are my recommendations.

Scotland’s Heartland – a visitor’s digest of Highland Perthshire

by James Irvine Robertson

pub Heartland Publishers isbn 0-9541304-0-5

This is a book in two parts, the first is a lively jog though the history of the area, the second a collection of shorter pieces of specific places in the locality.  Irvine Robertson’s real interest is in the period of the Jacobite rebellions (1689 – 1745), but as that era gave rise to so many good tales, the book is none the worse for that.  This is an excellent book if you are planning some modest tours around Highland Perthshire – it brings alive both the larger towns and many of the tiniest settlements.

Pitlochry, History of a Highland District

by Colin Liddell

pub Perth and Kinross Libraries

An enjoyable and informative account of the town’s history by the local solicitor.  One of its strengths is that it brings the story right up to date, answering such questions as why was the new A9 planned as it was and what was the thinking behind the hydro-electric scheme.  (160 pages and 150 illustrations.)

Perth and Kinrosss, an illustrated architectural guide,

by Nick Haynes,

pub Rutland Press isbn 1-873-190-123

Until the Buildings of Scotland (Pevsner) series reaches Perthshire, this is the best guide there is to the built environment.  Intended for the general reader and with many illustrations on each page, this is a great book to keep in your pocket if you take off around the county.  Whether its an ancient fortalice or the weird and wonderful buildings of Fortingall, this is the book to set them in context and tell you who designed them.  It is also ideal if you want to make a plan to see Perthshire’s castles, for example.

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