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White water rafting and adventure sports


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The Tay offers some of the best ‘family’ whitewater rafting in Scotland.  Starting from both Aberfeldy and Stanley, several companies (Nae Limits and Spash among them) offer day and half-day excursions that are generally tailored to the preferences of the participants.  So if you fancy white knuckles, plenty of time in the water and the full-on rapids, it can be accommodated, as can a more stately progress down the river.


It is usually necessary to book in advance, although often this need only be a day or two in advance.  It is also only operated on certain days of the week, by agreement with local fishermen – so it is wise to make your plans in advance.  The only thing you need to take is your swimming costume.  Wet suits, helmets and buoyancy aids are included in the cost (£30 per person for half a day in 2002).


The 6 mile journey down the river takes about 2 hours and offers an entirely new perspective on many of the building of this beautiful strath.  And the guides (there is one on each raft) are genuinely friendly and helpful, beneath their surf-dude exteriors.


Nae Limits also offer a head-spinning variety of other adrenalin sports and activities.

Sailing is possible on both Loch Tummel and Loch Tay. Facilites at the latter are provided by Legend Sailing.

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